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3 Way Sound Systems

We can provide everything from simple small systems to big conferencing systems with full AV facilities, professional equipment through to live sound reinforcement including simple vocal sets ups to full outdoor festival systems. we can provide you with the most suitable system for your event at the most competitive prices.3-way simply refers to the array of drivers a speaker uses to produce sound. The 3-way configuration incorporates a woofer for low frequencies, a tweeter for high frequencies and a mid-range driver.Each speaker has at least 3 separate drivers to produce the range of frequencies. 3-way design is very common among speakers and is used by a variety of manufacturers.

We Serve like
  • JBL Sound System
  • NX Audio Sound System
  • Sound craft Audio mixer
  • Behringer Equalizer
  • Behringer Cross-over
  • Shure Microphones
  • Other  world leader brands...


BMS 6mm LED screen uses revolutionary LEDs and delivers the deepest black levels of any product on the market. When combined with a light output of 2000 NIT, a phenomenal contrast ratio of 4200:1 is achieved.
BMS Indoor LED display screens available for hire that are at the forefront of LED video and display screen technology.


  • BMS Indoor LED Display, with a refresh rate over 1920HZ, can offer stunning flicker-free broadcast-quality video images. 

  • Our single LED brightness calibration technology ensures a brightness tolerance of less than ±2%. As a result, after calibration, our LED displays show even brightness and better picture quality across the entire surface.

  • Single LED chroma calibration technology is used for perfect color uniformity across the entire LED display. Additional skin-color and green-color rendering technologies calibrate every single LED so as to guarantee a softer picture and better stereovision, thereby bringing you instantly back to the natural world. 

  • Lightweight aluminum housing for easy transportation.

  • Fast installation: cabinets are interlocked by a gear lock and less additional installation structure is required, thus saving on cost and

  • MAJESTIC Indoor LED Display is ideal for temporary installation such as rental or staging.

  • Good ventilation and heat dispersal design.

  • In, out power and signal connectors as well as power and signal cables are all hidden behind a latched door at the back of the panel for better protection and ease of use.

BMS 6mm LED Screen offers one of the finest, sharp and crisp images in the industry. It is easy to rig and stack and its plug and play processing control simplifies even the trickiest of installations.

Available for hire, the 6mm is an impressive LED solution and is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Features and Advantages

  • BMS  Outdoor LED display can be disassembled and assembled from the front by special tools.

  • Our product with quick-clamp locks is quite slim, lightweight, thus being easily carried and installed.

  • By a low consumption heating system, it has good heat dissipation through the natural air convection. Its main structure is manufactured from aluminum with high heat transfer coefficients. With high efficiency, the heat from power supply units will be conducted into the air. Therefore, there are no additional cooling fans required.

  • With the adoption of MBI 5035 Driver IC, this series provides high refresh rate and low power consumption.

  • There is a quite small seam between two adjacent cabinets.

  • MAJESTIC Outdoor LED Screen is equipped with power supply units without fans. As a result, no noise will be generated while running.

  • The whole production process is significantly simplified, therefore greatly decreasing the costs.

  • Our NV Outdoor LED Display is IP65 rated both front and back panel.

  • The improvement of cable connection between LED panels has greatly minimized the use of extension cables.

We offer the widest possible selection of models from best projector manufacturers ranging from entry level to meeting room/classroom to conference/auditorium use as well as the very latest high definition home cinema models.
Our projectors resolution ranges from XGA(1024x780) to HD(1080p) with 2000 lumens to 5,000 lumens. We do not just deliver and leave you to work it out yourselves. On bigger events we are more than happy to stay and run the equipment if you wish. There are no extra cost surprises, what you are quoted over the phone or email is the price you pay !! All Deliveries are made by a technician. So if there was to be a problem we would be on hand.

Features and Advantages

  • LCD Projectors starting from 4500 luminous to 15000 luminous projectors

  • Normal Screen Projection with tripod 6’ x 4’ to 10’ x 8’

  • Masking Screen Projection 8’ x 6’

  • Seamless Switcher for multiple sources

  • We also provides frame structure & Cabling as per requirements

LCD Projector On Hire

LCD Projector On Hire is provided by our company Majestic Audio Visuals. We are pleased to introduce ourselves as the most preferred provider of LCD Projector On Hire. As a leader in this field - our LCD Projector are affordable and best quality. We are also a one of the leading exporters of LCD Projector On Hire from India. Majestic Audio Visuals has been experienced provider of LCD Projector on Hire since 1970. We provide all kind of Audio Visual Equipments and LCD Projector On Hire with best quality and as per client requirement.